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350 Sales & Marketing Tactics

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There are 7 sections in this ebook and each section contains 50 tactics to improve your skill. All targeted to helping YOU make more money...

Traffic Tactics
- The fact is that nobody is going to find your website if you don’t promote it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this task and generate traffic to your site. If you already have a website, try using these tactics laid out in the report. 

Product Creation Tactics - Without good products that deliver what they promise, there is not a ghost of a chance of making money for the long term.

Productivity Tactics - The fact is that if you are not productive, you won’t make money. This report shows how to manage your time and use your resources to your best advantage.

Social Media Tactics - More and more businesses are using social media to gain a larger audience for their products/services.
These tactics will surely help you make the most of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Upsell Tactics - Upselling is simply the process of selling an additional or an upgraded product to a customer. In order to keep the money coming in, you always want to go for this little extra, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Webcopy Tactics - People who know anything about marketing and promotions know that you need good copy to attract and hold the attention of potential customers. It is not different when it comes to the copy that you place on your web site.

Email Marketing Tactics - Email is a wonderful business tool that, if used properly, will enhance your sales and marketing efforts significantly.

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Pure gems in here. This will take your marketing strategy to a different level.

Good tips

350 sales and marketing tactics have made content creation for emails so easy (: thank you